Reading the Journey : 5 Recommended Travel Books to Start This Year

 Books can bring us to many unexpected places in the world even without moving an inch from our bed–it lets our mind wander! So here it is, 5 recommended books about travel/journey/exploration, handpicked by Gofarway’s team special to start your reading session this year!

Reading, especially reading physical book(not the electronic one) is obviously an (almost)all-time, all-occasion, all-terrain activity. People can enjoy their favorite books everytime and everywhere—whether on your couch potato or in the middle of the forest. While traveling can make you explore the world physically and mentally, reading can give you that similar feeling of exploration—it will let your mind wander to many places and situations, even the ones that currently felt impossible for you! And for you, wanderlust-tinged souls out there, reading books about travel would be the best substitution for that long-awaited escape. Books about someone’s journey could transport your mind to an adventure, without having to leave your work for some days. Here goes the list, may it could give you that travel itch! ;p

1. Vagabonding : An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel (Rolf Potts)

“Long-term travel isn’t about being a college student; it’s about being a student of daily life. Long-term travel isn’t an act of rebellion against society; it’s an act of common sense within society. Long-term travel doesn’t require a massive “bundle of cash”; it requires only that we walk through the world in a more deliberate way.” This quote from the book pretty much sums up the essence of the book itself—not only about how to be a vagabond for your own desirable timespan, but also how to ensure yourself that this journey is possible for everyone including you. Vagabonding itself means taking time off from your normal life(for weeks, months, to years) to discover and experience the world on your own terms. The author will share many aspects you may need to prepare and to survive your vagabonding period, such as how to finance your travel time, how to adjust your life on the road, to tips on how to reassimilate back into your ordinary life.


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2. You Only Live Once : A Lifetime of Experiences for the Explorer in All of Us (Lonely Planet)

Everything that Lonely Planet released as a book is a bible for explorers. This book isn’t just offering you a list of must-visit destinations, it suggests you to experience life like never before. It comes in a visually-pleasing coffee table book, great for you who plan to have a big trip but still not sure where to go, or maybe not even sure where to start xD. And the most unique quality of this book is how it is broken down based on the length of time—not based on country or city like any regular travel books! So each chapter covers the experiences that you can possibly try in an hour, a day, to a year!


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3. Sihpromatum : I Grew My Boobs in China (Savannah Grace)

It’s a travel memoir about Savannah Grace and her family during their 4-year, 80 country backpacking journey. The word “sihpromatum” itself means “a blessing that initially appears to be a curse”, and that’s how Savannah see her adventure at first. While it’s generally about a journey around the world, this book also tells the readers about Savannah’s ‘journey’ into maturation, from a 14-year-old Canadian girl into a woman she is now(now she’s a 26 years-old woman).


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4. Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Photography Tips (Lonely Planet)

Nowadays, traveling comes in one package with a must-do ritual : taking photos. Whether the object are the landscape, the people, or even yourself, photography has become a primary need while traveling. But not all of us are experienced photographers, so a book about basic-intermediate photography that could enable us to get that maximum photography experience and result would still be needed. This little book from(yes, these guys again) Lonely Planet could be your little black book during that great journey of yours.


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5. At Home : A Short History of Private Life (Bill Bryson)

This is a unique book—it’s a book about journey and exploration, but it’s all about the journey INSIDE the author’s home! Bill Bryson himself is a travel writer, but this one gem that he made didn’t tell us about anywhere else he’d been before; it’s about a place that become his destination after exploring the world. In this book, he tells us how he perceives every part of his home: the bed, the kitchen, the living room, and so on. He tells us how life starts and ends on the bed, and from there he shares his family history. To compose travel writing about a ‘destination’ that didn’t require the author to go far away from his daily ‘comfort zone’, and telling a story behind places or spots that is so banal to his life yet still managed to show the interesting things about it, is a proof that traveling is about the mind and the soul, not merely about that long itinerary.


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Text : Nadia Maya Ardiani

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