Nepal Backpacking Trip’s Destination Overview (part 1)

 Nepal Backpacking Trip will start very soon—yup, it will start at the end of March! Before you set your foot to the land of Sherpa(or if you do not decide yet whether you’re going there or not), here’s an overview of the breathtaking spots that Gofarway will visit! Hope it would tickle your sense of adventure 😉

Pokhara Lekhnath, or simply called as Pokhara, is a Nepalese metropolis that also happens to be the largest city of Nepal in terms of area (and the second largest in terms of population). Nine times larger than Kathmandu (!!!), this city is famous with the nickname “City of Eight Lakes”. The city has become a major tourist destination in recent decades, especially for adventure tourism. It has many interesting tourism attractions for a relatively affordable price—even Forbes put this city at the top of the list of destinations for budget travelers.

This city located approximately 200km west of Kathmandu, on the altitude of 827 mdpl, directly under the Annapurna mountain range. While the destinations that we’re going to visit are more to the adventurous kind, Pokhara has some of the most scenic locations that can make your soul feel relaxed while your body do exercise. Some says that its peaceful ambience is so distinct to any other place on earth, in a good mesmerizing way.

In Pokhara we’re going to visit 4 must-visit tourism sites, namely Phewa Lake, Talbarahi Temple, Davis Fall, and Peace Pagoda. Read on to know the details of those destinations!

  • Phewa Lake

Also known as Phewa Tal or Fewa Lake, this freshwater lake is the most popular and most-visited lake in Nepal. It is surrounded by a lush Rani Ban (the Queen’s Forest), and on a sunny day we can see the reflection of Annapurna mountain on the surface of the lake. You can try to rent the brightly-painted boats (doongas) at the Lakeside (the lakeshore’s main tourist district), strolling around the lakeshore, or trek up to the World Peace Pagoda near the lake. P.S. the water from Phewa Lake’s outlet is utilized to generate Pokhara’s electricity!

  • Tal Barahi Temple

This two-story pagoda temple is located right in the middle of Phewa Lake, and is the most important religious monument/pilgrimage site in this city. As it located on a small island in the middle of the lake, the only way to get here is by the boat. This temple is usually crowded by visitors on the weekends, whether to pray or just to enjoy its beauty.

  • Davis Falls

This one is quite surprising since it is located very near to the city center (only about 2 kms!) so people may not imagine that there would be a natural tourist attraction nearby. The water fall directly to a tunnel then passes through a ‘cave beneath the ground’. The waterfall itself was discovered in 1961 when a couple from Swiss were swimming in the lake but suddenly the woman disappeared into the tunnel. The waterfall then named after her, whereas the real Nepali name of this waterfall is Patale Chango, which means ‘underworld waterfall’. There’s also a wishing well nearby, where you can throw coins and make a wish.

    • World Peace Pagoda

    Nepal has 2 of the 80 peace pagodas in the world, one of them is in Pokhara. Painted in white in such a high altitude(approx. 1000 mdpl), the atmosphere around the pagoda is so serene and blissful. Built just after the World War 2, the pagoda was built to inspire peace for all races and faiths. On a clear day, you can see Annapurna mountain range from this spot! There are many small cafes near the pagoda, and it would be really nice to take a break here while enjoying the scenic beauty.

(…to be continued to part 2! There are many other spots that we are going to visit, so prepare yourself!)

Text : Nadia Maya Ardiani

Images : Igor Ovsyannikov on Unsplash, HK Traveller on Flickr,,,,